Anti-adhesion sheet for decompressive craniectomies

The gamechanger for neurosurgical procedures. Shorter operating times, less risk of infections.

Why evonos?

evoProtect –
a silicone sheet that makes a big difference

Until now, it has been necessary to use products that were primarily Intended for other indications – now the evoProtect anti-adhesion sheet offers a safe, convenient and at the same time cost-effective solution as a temporary protective layer between the dura and the skin flap following decompressive craniectomy.

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Ready for use and easy to customize

After decompressive craniectomy, the skull defect is often only covered with the skin flap until the following cranioplasty. This process is usually associated with strong adhesions between the dura and the skin flap.

Designed specifically for this indication, evoProtect offers the optimal solution. Supplied ready for use, the sterile silicone sheet can be cut individually and precisely to fit the opening on the patient's skull with conventional surgical scissors.

Temporary protective layer

evoProtect forms a temporary protective layer between the dura and the skin flap. Depending on the patient and the indication, it takes between 3 and 6 months on average before cranioplasty is performed.

Biocompatible silicone: proven and safe

The material, which is successfully used in many medical fields, is biocompatible and does not react with surrounding tissue. As the swelling subsides, the anti-adhesion sheet adapts to the patient's anatomical features.

The original CT scan shows how the defect on the left side is protected by evoProtect.

Avoiding injury to the dura, increasing efficiency

On the one hand, adhesion protection promotes preservation of the plane beneath the galea and, on the other hand, reduces damage to the temporal muscle. The final cosmetic outcome can also be improved, and pain after surgery can be prevented.

The time-consuming separation of the dura and skin flaps is no longer necessary. Various studies have demonstrated that there is therefore little to no injury to the dura when compared to conventional methods.

Shorter operating times, less risk of infections

The anti-adhesion sheet can be easily removed and disposed of. The use of evoProtect reduces the operating time by an average of 40 minutes and greatly reduces blood loss. At the same time, the likelihood of subsequent infections is reduced because fewer blood transfusions need to be performed and tissue/muscle injuries occur less frequently.

Convincing price and Performance

As there has been no specific solution for temporary dura protection so far, products with a different indication – patches to replace a defective dura or sprays to seal the dura – have usually been used for separation from the skin flap. Such improper intended use leads to unnecessary costs and increased risks.

Being a pure anti-adhesion sheet, evoProtect is designed specifically for this defined indication and fulfills a clear functional promise. At the same time, evoProtect provides hospitals with a further compelling argument: the significantly lower price.

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