Small changes making a big difference: 100% recyclable shipment packaging

Being economical is essential for medical technology companies and should be firmly anchored in the corporate culture. Here at evonos, we have been dealing with this topic for a long time and treat it as a fundamental part of our philosophy.

Above all, this includes constantly developing ourselves and playing a part in contributing to the environmental awareness. By reducing direct and indirect environmental impact, we want to protect our ecosystem. For this reason, we are always aspiring to rethink processes and implement sustainable solutions into our day-to-day business.

For some time now we are increasingly using shipment packaging made of recyclable cardboard. Regarding our perforator evoDrill, we have switched from foamed plastic inlays to entirely pure cardboard. We would like to gradually implement this onto other products as well, so that 100% recyclable shipment packaging leaves our company. This may only be a small step in the whole process, but it will lead to a significant change. The products are delivered safely and handy as usual and the environment thanks us.

Thanks to Kartonagenfabrik Schwenningen for the cooperation in this area. We look forward to sharing more sustainable and future-oriented developments at evonos with you soon!

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