Rongeurs and laminectomy punches

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There is no one-size-fits-all. Surgeons need the right tool for the job.

Why evonos?

evoBite –
wide range, high quality

100% made in Germany, evoBite laminectomy punches and rongeurs are perfect for most surgical situations. Surgeons can choose from a wide range of options and materials, ensuring you get the perfect tool for the job. An instrument, which delivers the performance you need.

For all applications

Available in a number of different designs for a range of surgical applications, evoBite punches and rongeurs can also be ordered with different lengths and jaw width options.

Easy to clean

evoBite punches and rongeurs can be dismantled for easy cleaning.

evoBite Applications

Choose your material

evoBite punches and rongeurs are also available with titanium nitride coating. The titanium nitride coating is useful to prevent unwanted reflections. Our customer service is looking forward to answer any questions you may have about the evoBite product variations. 

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