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In addition to the range of products, evonos offers a number of services.

Customer service

Because we aim to develop products that fit in with the way our customers work, we work closely with customers and offer a high degree of service. Whether you want advice on products or delivery times, our customer service team is there to help you when you need them. Efficiency and satisfaction are our top priority.


If you would like advice or support, please contact:

Customer Service:
Yannik Werthwein
y.werthwein@evonos.de, +49 74 61 96 57 74-26

Eva Buchholz
e.buchholz@evonos.de, +49 74 61 96 57 74-28

Emergency number: +49 74 61 96 57 74-88
In the event of injury to a patient by one of our products, our safety officer can be reached at the above emergency number. Please note that this number is for emergencies only. For all other inquiries please contact our customer service, as listed above.

evonos Customer Service
evonos Service


As a clinic manager, buyer or administrative manager, you need to not only ensure surgical effectiveness but also to meet economic and financial objectives. That’s why, in the same way that we always strive to create products that are perfectly adapted to surgeons’ needs, we also offer flexible financing options for purchasing professionals. Please get in touch with our customer service in order to discuss how evonos products can be purchased in a way that suits you.

Instructions for use

Looking for more information on how to get the most out of your evonos products? Use the drop-down menus and complete the form to request documentation about your chosen product. Our customer service team will take care of your enquiry as soon as possible. Please note that if documents are not available in your preferred language, we will supply them in English.

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evonos Service

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