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Why evonos?

evoShape –  
anatomically and operationally perfect

evoShape is a cranial reconstruction peek implant that is designed to fit perfectly with your patient’s anatomy – and with the way you work. In collaboration with neurosurgeons, we design and produce skull implants of highest quality that fit perfectly, require no intra-operative adaptation, and are easy to fix – making operations faster and more successful. 

Anatomical perfection in every dimension

Due to the individual anatomy of each patient, already in this step the highest precision is required. The high-resolution CT data used for this purpose ensure that an optimally fitting peek implant can be designed and manufactured.

Precise Production

We use a high-precision CNC-controlled 5-axis milling technology which ensures accuracy in all areas, including the edge of the peek implant. The result is an skull implant of excellent esthetics combined with protective functionality.


All evoShape skull implants are made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK), a high-performance thermoplastic with low temperature sensitivity. The material is strong but not brittle and can be adapted with bone-working tools if necessary. In addition, PEEK reduces the risk of infection in the patient and thus supports wound healing.

Easy to fix – and easy on the patient

Each evoShape implant is provided with pre-drilled fixation holes, which make it easier for surgeons to fix quickly and securely

The peek implants can be fixed either by tangential screw fixation directly to the adjoining bone or with plate elements and the corresponding screws (e.g. evoFix). In addition, specifc holes are already provided for fixation of the dura and soft tissue. Manual drilling of additional holes is therefore not necessary.

Ready to use

All evoShape skull implants arrive sterile and ready for use. Based on the prepared patient-specific peek implant, the fixation of plates and screws can be planned optional. Considering that, our evoFix Sterile system is the ideal complement for this.

evoFix im Detail.

On-time delivery

We ensure that you receive your desired patient specific peek implant in the required time frame. For special procedures or emergencies, the delivery time can be further shortened.

Personal consultation

Using online visualizations based on CT data, we discuss the project with the surgeons before manufacture begins. During this discussion, the patient's individual conditions are taken into consideration to pay attention for them in the design of the implant. This includes, for example, skin, soft tissue or inflammation that cannot be seen from CT scans alone.

Visualisierung mit Hilfe von CT-Daten.
evoShape Prozedur evoShape Prozedur

‘One-step procedure’

This consultation enables the ‘One-Step-Procedure’, where surgeons show the incision they intend to make. We are then able to produce a precise template for cutting and an implant to fit perfectly – so both actions can take place in a single operation.

What this means in detail is exemplary explained below:

A patient is diagnosed with a tumor. The patient-specific data are transmitted to evonos in DICOM format. After the personal conversation in form of an online consultation, evonos implements the order according to the surgeon's requirements. The surgeon then receives the template for cutting and, at the same time, the finished implant.

2 The template for cutting is placed on the tumor, ensuring precise removal of the damaged tissue.

3 The tumor tissue is removed with pinpoint accuracy.

The patient-specific implant can then be inserted directly in the same surgery and no further procedure is required.

From the everyday to the exceptional

While we do the ‘everyday’ to an extremely high standard, we also help surgeons with exceptionally complex, multi-plate implants. Where standard implants reach their limits, we go further.

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