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About evonos

Future-oriented products for more working comfort
and better patient outcomes

evonos Benefits

evonos has established a reputation as an innovative supplier of high-quality equipment to customers around the world. 

We believe this reputation is largely down to the beliefs, attitudes and values that drive the company forward.

Philosophy and values

Our philosophy, as well as the values that drive us, can be divided into four principles:

Comfort - We want to offer surgeons the possibility to concentrate on the essentials. Our products offer the best possible reliability and safety.

Quality of life - We take responsibility towards the patient. Already during the development of our products it is our highest ambition to satisfy not only the surgeons, but also the patients.

German Engineering - With a tradition of German precision, we specialize in the manufacture of neurosurgical instruments, patient specific implants and surgical lights. Each product incorporates evonos' intelligence combined with unique design for maximum usability.

Design - We are guided by modern design thinking processes when it comes to the precision of our products. evonos uses the power of design to differentiate itself from the competition with its own product language.

evonos Vision


With our innovative, thoughtful technologies and as an established partner of leading neurosurgeons and neurological clinics, we aim to increase efficiency in the operating room and help patients get back to their lives as comfortably as possible. We work responsibly and tirelessly on every detail that increases comfort for operators and patients alike. Our vision is to help shape the future in the operating room with our neurosurgical instruments, patient specific implants and surgical lights.


We understand that we have a responsibility not only to patients and surgeons, but also to the wider world they - and we – live in. 

We are therefore committed to principles of sustainability, efficiency and environmental awareness in everything we do. This extends to considerations of safety and well-being for all individuals concerned with evonos, from customers and their patients to our own employees and the community around us.

evonos Quality


Product quality is at the heart of the evonos manufacturing process. High quality standards are expected across the medical instrument industry, yet we aim to exceed those standards and deliver a superior level of quality and innovation that customers can rely on. The quality of our processes and products have been endorsed by all relevant standards organisations, and we are proud to present current quality certificates below for you to download.


MDD II (Notified Body Confirmation Letter)

Company background

We continuously pursue the goal of offering you increased efficiency in the handling of your projects through simplified processes and optimised market access. Therefore, since the beginnig of 2021, the merging of the two companies evonos GmbH & Co. KG and Cival Medtech GmbH into evonos GmbH & Co. KG as the absorbing company has been completed. What belongs together grew together. You can rely on our quality standard as usual and at the same time you receive increased efficiency as well as the established evonos service promise.


10 Years of evonos

If seconds count - how much can be achieved in more than 5 million seconds? If hours matter - then what can be accomplished in about 87,000 of them? If every day is of importance - then what is the story told in over 3,600 days? At evonos, we spent that time developing medical technology innovations that benefit people around the world. During this time, we have grown continuously. As a team and as a company. evonos celebrates its 10th anniversary and says thank you: to everyone who made this possible.

Code of conduct

evonos is a global medical technology company. We develop, design, and produce sophisticated and high-quality medical products and system solutions. Our products and services are designed to improve people's health and quality of life. At evonos, we aim for the highest reliability, stability, and quality in our products, in our processes, and in our conduct every day. Ethics and responsibility for the good of our stakeholders are the defining features of our mission statement.

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