Neurosurgical cranial fixation system

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Why evonos?

For cranial fixation  

evoFix is a skull fixation system specifically developed for neurosurgery. The innovative framework includes a wide range of neurosurgical micro-plates in different thicknesses, meshes, screws, and custom-designed storage trays.

No more forceps

The neurosurgical plates are pre-fixed to a titanium flag, making forceps superfluous. Once the plate and screw are in place, one can easily and conveniently remove the flag.


An optimised fit – designed to significantly reduce irritation

No more bulging, no more bending – the evoFix plates seamlessly adapt to the skull contours. It not only simplifies the surgeon's work but reduces the risk of after surgery irritation for the patient.

The evoFix standard 0.6 mm plates at a glance

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NEW: The evoFix low profile plates in 0.3 mm

In addition to the standard plate thickness of 0.6 mm, a select few evoFix elements are also available in 0.3 mm. With the micro low profile, you are thus ideally equipped for every situation and prepared for each case. Due to the reduced plate thickness, you can also safely use them in the anterior cranial region, in uneven areas, and in the case of thin skin. Furthermore, the rosé colour contributes to an optimised aesthetic result. In short: Surgeons benefit from a broader range of products and more application options, while patients enjoy a higher quality of life. These are the advantages of our expanded evoFix system.

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Meshes, made of titanium

evoFix offers a wide range of micro meshes suitable for the most common bone defects and skull fractures. Round-hole meshes are used as standard, but expansion meshes allow more flexibility.


Convenient tray

The specially developed storage tray and the wide range of matching instruments make evoFix quick and easy to use, even in the non-sterile version.

You can find more information about our sterile trays at the bottom of this page.

evoFix Sterile

evoFix Sterile – the ready-to-use osteosynthesis system

The evoFix Sterile Osteosynthesis System is delivered fully equipped with neurosurgical plates, screws, and screwdrivers. All parts are sterilised, ready to use, and customised to your requirements. This procedure eliminates the effort of sterilising, sorting, and selecting the required parts. This one-of-a-kind offer demonstrates how evonos recognises the needs and wishes of surgeons, facilitates the work in the operating theatre, and improves the result for the patient.

The evoFix Sterile advantages at a glance:

  • Cranial fixation without using additional instruments
  • Complete system solution, especially suitable for emergencies
  • Various combinations of plates and screws
  • Ideal combinations for standard procedures
  • Durability: 5 years

Product design in cooperation with Barski Design

evoFix Sterile evoFix Sterile

Secure screwdriver design

The integrated screwdriver is secured in place on the 1.5 mm screw head until the head is fixed in position. Thus, the screws cannot fall off.

NEW: The evoFix Sterile Mini-Tray

No need for a sterile screwdriver? Then the new evoFix Sterile Mini-Tray is your best choice. With its newly developed base, this version offers extra stability. On top of that, it is more sustainable, as generally less plastic is used for the tray and packaging.

The Mini-Tray can either be equipped with evoFix 0.6 mm plates or the new micro low profile plates with a thickness of 0.3 mm. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, the plates and screws are equally protected and ready for use immediately after opening the sterile packaging.

evoFix Tray Packaging evoFix Tray

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