Neurosurgical osteosynthesis system

It's all there - no need
to sort, choose or arrange
anything in advance.

Why evonos?

evoFix –  
everything you need 
for cranial fixation  

evoFix is a new and innovative neuro plating system specially developed for neurosurgery. The evoFix cranial fixation system comprises a wide range of micro-plates, meshes and screws, along with a specially designed storage tray for easy sterilization.

No more forceps

Plates are pre-attached to a titanium flag, enabling surgeons to handle them easily without forceps. Once the plate is fixed, the flag is simply and smoothly detached.

Better fit, less patient irritation 

Our neuro plating system evoFix offers a wide range of plates covering the most common bone defects and fractures of the cranium. Designed to match the contours of the skull, rather than bulging and bending to fit, evoFix plates are both easier to work with and cause less irritation to the patient. In addition to the standard plate thickness of 0.6 mm, evoFix elements are also available in 0.3 mm - therefore you are equipped for every situation and ideally prepared for every patient case.

Meshes, made of titanium

evoFix offers a wide range of micro-meshes suitable for the most common bone defects and fractures of the cranium: standard round hole meshes and expansion meshes for greater flexibility.

Convenient tray

Quick and easy, ready to use due to a specially designed storage tray and suitable instruments. 

evoFix Sterile -
pre-sterilized and ready to use

An evoFix Sterile set comes complete with plates, screws and screwdriver – ready to use and in the exact configuration that you ordered. No need to sterilize anything in advance or to sort and choose which ones to use.

Secure screwdriver design

The integral screwdriver fits securely to the head of the screw until fixed, thus removing the possibility of dropped screws.

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