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Getting inside the mind of the neurosurgeon

You won't find our development and manufacturing team in an operating room - but based on many years of experience, our profound knowledge and the resulting expertise we understand exactly what is going on there.

We talk with surgeons and find out how they work. Each conversation gives us more insights. We ask: What inspires them? Is there need for improvement? What do they need to do the best job every time they perform?

This is why we consistently produce surgical equipment that they prefer to use.


We make perforators that require less force and thus increase working comfort at the same time. This benefits not only the surgeon, but also the patient

We make implants with ready-made holes so they are easier to fix.

We make a head rest system that can be adjusted more precisely than others so it can be positioned exactly as it is needed.

evonos Schädel

If surgeons could design their own products, we think they would make something like ours.


Working for better outcomes

But there is more to evonos than great design. 
We also work with surgeons to develop an ordering process that fits in with the way they work. 

We deliver faster than many because we get it right the first time. Your requirements are our top priority. We approach each new order highly motivated to process it to your complete satisfaction.

evonos am Arbeitsplatz.

We work directly with you when products, such as implants, need to be personalised to fit the precise anatomy of the patient, Online consultations and digital visualisations enable us to discuss any potential anomalies and address them in our manufacture. This way, you always get the perfect product.

Chirurg mit OP-Maske um den Hals im Dialog

We offer single-use products. Ready-to-use, partly already sterilized instruments make your daily work easier and are time-saving.

evoDrill Bohrfutter

Yet, we are also working towards better outcomes in terms of sustainability. Steel materials used in our products can also be recycled afterwards, avoiding waste. You get single-use convenience, but you can be confident of our sustainability record too. 

100% German-made quality

Our evonos products are manufactured here in Germany, and are quality-checked before they leave our factory. When you order from evonos, you know that you will receive a high-quality product that performs exactly to your specifications. This quality ethos runs through the entire company. From our sustainability record to our staffing practices, we believe in doing things right. 

evonos Labor

Ultimately, this means intelligent products, more efficiency and higher working comfort for surgeons, as well as better outcomes for patients.

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