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Titanium head rest system

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In an operating theatre,
everything should be exactly
where you need it. 

Why evonos?

evoBase –  
a position of no compromise

It helps neurosurgeons to operate more efficiently, while also helping clinics to operate more economically.

Perfection in titanium

The sleek titanium frame does not only make the evoBase headrest system an aesthetic product, titanium also ensures an optimum strength-to-weight ratio. It is therefore less bulky than comparable systems and opens up more space for working. At the same time, the patient's skull can be clamped with a precise fit and without compromise.

Visible force control

The integrated force indicator includes the 90, 180, 270 and 360 Newton scale, providing better orientation when it comes to the precisely fixation of patient skulls.

Constructed for your requirements

With 90 instead of the usual 40 teeth in the positioning gear, the evoBase headrest system allows the finest positioning of the patient and ensures that there are no intraoperative movements. That is why it is used where maximum precision is required.

The innovative clamp mechanism ensures absolute stability and safety during surgery. As soon as evoBase is in position, the rotary knob can be removed - this opens up more room for the surgeon.

Pinpoint precision

Variably adjustable pin positions allow perfect securing of the skull and the greatest possible accuracy of fit. This fixation also sensitively and securely meets the different anatomical conditions of the patients.

Electromagnetic navigation

Unlike aluminum, titanium has no effect on electromagnetic navigation. evoBase headrest system thus enables use without any restrictions in this respect as well.

evoBase im OP.

Cleaning and Durability

Thanks to the titanium material, the headrest system is 100% aluminum-free and corrosion-resistant, so it can be easily cleaned and sterilized. In addition, the strength of the titanium frame and other hard-wearing parts makes evoBase easier to use, more cost-effective and durable.

Product design in cooperation with Barski Design

German Design Award für Evonos

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