Surgical lights completely
build up with two different technologies

Our mission

We are dedicated to collaborating with surgeons to develop value-oriented products which improve patient safety and operational outcomes in hospitals.

How we do this:

By providing high quality, easy-to-use and future-proof products that leverage our core competencies for the use in operating rooms. Discover our evoLight product line. Learn more >

You are looking for a partner who supports you in your own lighting project? We offer differentiated OEM, SKD, and Contract Manufacturing products combined with R&D services that allow us to shape the future and stay ahead of the competition.
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evoLight –
efficient, flexible, hygienic

evoLight is a state-of-the-art lighting system for operating theatres that is designed to offer high functionality combined with simplicity, and durability.

5 leading quality features:

Powerful optoelectornical systems
Unique reflector & lens technologies combined with high performance LED and electronic components.

Energy efficiency
Reduced energy consumption & improved thermal management based on innovative internal construction and materials.

High functionality and simplicity
Multifunctional sterilizable handle saves time and resources during surgery.

In-house developed and produced modular carrying arm system
Our modular carrying arm system including spring arm allows high degree of customization to suit all applications in the operating room.

Outstanding quality and 100% German engineering
Designed without compromise to offer reliability and superior performance.

Reflector or lens technology

Two different systems with many advantages. We are the only manufacturer worldwide to offer both reflector and lens technology.

Unique reflector arrangement
The innovative, space saving reflector arrangement with 560 facets per reflector ensures a high illumination depth and passive shadow management thanks to reflectors that are specular on both sides. The low-maintenance reflectors and LEDs guarantee a long durability.

Precise lens technology
Different lens types and synchronized lens groups guarantee homogeneous light distribution and excellent depth illumination. They also make it easy to adjust the light field and automatically maintain the light distribution. All six module plates can be easily replaced to maximize the availability of the system in the operating theatre.

Materials and flat design

Ultra-flat, 55mm aluminum design with powerful, cool-running LEDs. Specially etched glass creates a softer, more homogeneous light.

Heat management (Laminar-Air-Flow)

Any heat generated radiates optimally across the light body, ensuring excellent laminar airflow compatibility.

Maximum hygiene, minimum effort

The clear, streamlined design inhibits bacterial attack, while the smooth aluminum housing with baked powder coating is sturdy and resistant to aggressive disinfectants. Through avoiding external screw connections, the usability in maintenance and clinical cleaning process is made easier.

The perfect lighting for every application

The evonos range provides reliable, powerful, low-maintenance lighting systems for every situation from small doctor practices to operating theatres. Wherever you work, rely on evonos to light the way.

Surgical Lights

evoLight 700

evoLight 600/800

evoLight 450

Examination Lights

evoLight 300/350

Download Surgical lights brochure
Download Examination lights data sheet

In-house developed and produced carrying arm systems

Unlike other systems, evonos carrying arms can be replaced or added individually, giving you more flexibility when circumstances and requirements change.

Flexible configuration
Fully customizable carrying arm system with up to four axes for a large variety of configurations.

Special carrying arms for hybrid ORs
Extremely long arms up to 2300 mm for positioning of evoLights outside of the sterile area in large hybrid operating rooms.

Easy operation, multiple options

The unique design enables evoLight to be controlled easily with just one hand. Surgeons are able to create the perfect operating environment, while the replaceable handle is sterilized.

Control panel on the cardanic

Adjustment of

  • light intensity
  • light field diameter
  • color temperature

Sterile handle at the light

  • Turn right: 3 different settings of the light field diameter
  • Turn left: 4 different settings of light intensity, including endoscopic light

Remote wall control

  • Remote control system via tablet
  • Depending on the customer’s requirements, it is also possible to integrate the control system into the wall of the operating room


At evonos, we can provide you with everything you need for perfect illumination. From cameras and remote wall controls to monitor brackets and mobile stands, we have all the accessories you need – all built to exacting evonos standards.


Download Accessory Sheet

Completely build up

Component and partial delivery

OEM manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

4 ways to order your evoLight

Depending on your requirements, there are four different ways to order evoLights from evonos:

  Completely build up
Our evoLights are available for stock delivery.

  Component and partial delivery
Delivered in semi-knock-down (SKD) form, we provide core components of surgical lights (for example optoelectronical components) and enable you to source mechanical components in your country. We will guide you to establish a production line in your factory according to the evonos quality management system.

  OEM manufacturing
In order to create your own surgical lights using evoLight core components, we can custom-build your surgical lights.

  Contract manufacturing
With over 30 years experience of high-quality engineering and manufacturing, we can develop, certify, and manufacture surgical lights based on your requirements and specifications.

We are here to assist you with further details, answers to your questions or with any consulting you may need.

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