evoBase wins the German Design Award and the German Innovation Award 2020

When we think of 2020, one topic predominates: The Corona pandemic and its consequences, which are a ongoing part of our life today. This is why we appreciate the positive outcomings of last year even more.

Our head rest system evoBase, whose extraordinary design was developed in collaboration with Barski Design, was awarded an "Excellent Product German Design Award" at the German Design Award Ceremony in Frankfurt am Main in February.

In addition, we were able to accept another coveted prize in June last year - the "German Innovation Award".

The jury's statement speaks for itself: "The skeletal system used to fix the head during surgery has a distinctly technical and modern appearance. This impression is reinforced by the clear, functional design language, the large locking screws and the titanium finish. Thanks to the various joints, the system can be perfectly adapted to the patient's body and position. At the same time, it gives the impression of high stability."

We are proud of our evoBase and very happy about the two awards!

Pictured in the winning photo: Ingolf Diez, CEO of evonos and Olaf Barski, CEO of Barski Design GmbH.

You can view our submission on the award website via the following links:

German Design Award

German Innovation Award

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